2012 Draws Announced

Click here to see the draws for Saturday.  It looks like we will have a great day and the weather looks like it will be beautiful.

You will receive your player bag on Friday night at the party, but if you are unable to attend then, please make sure you get it on Saturday.  Everyone must check in on Saturday with your partner.  We will have your picture made at that time.  Please, if you have more than one person on your team, ask them to be there at that time also if they want to be in the photo.  Our awards are based on these pictures, so make sure your team has theirs done.

Directions to Camp Grace:
From Mobile Regional Airport going toward Mississippi on Airport Blvd go approx. 3.3 miles to Eliza Jordan Rd.  Turn right and go 1.2 miles.  Turn left on Elinia (the sign will say Bevis Estates).  Go approx. 2 miles and turn left onto property.  Make an immediate right beside white fence and follow signs for parking.

If you have not been to Camp Grace it is a beautiful setting and with day-light savings time will be great.  Hope you can make it for some Wintzells Oyster House food and Budweiser and Coke for drinks.